Lamar University

Lamar University has a place,in East Texas space.It has students of all kinds,and employee friends of mine. Fireball was a crazy fool,electrician short of tools.Like his name implies,a ball of fire hit his eyes. Larry is a sad case,cooked by steam in the face.Never go in the sun again,his pink skin would not tan. BertrandContinue reading “Lamar University”


Fishing is a pastime,for many folks.It’s also a business,that’s no joke. Some people fish,just to survive.Fishing keeps them,and family alive. Many bodies of water,pose a certain risk.Three times monthly,you can eat the fish. If you lack success,in your fishing,find a local shaman,to appease spirits watching. Hook, line, and sinker,are used by most.Nets, explosives, and electricity,areContinue reading “Fishing”