Conquest of Mexico

Conquest can denote positive change,
like the conquest of fears so strange.
Conquest of a people is rather bleak,
like collapsing an empire at its peak.

The Aztecs were a brutal empire,
enslaving their neighbors so dire.
Sacrificing people on the temple block,
hearts ripped out on the rock.

Spanish conquistadors came to town,
to bring the mighty Aztec Empire down.
Gold and silver were their main intent,
Catholic Church gave their consent.

Weapons of war killed many natives,
in this realm humans are creative.
Small pox killed like it was Hell bent,
Catholic Church said it was Heaven sent.

Inquisition prisons were quickly erected,
to save the souls of those infected.
Fires were stoked to kill the heathens,
their necks chained together and beaten.

As the flames destroyed their body,
their screams turned into weird squeals.
The temperature within their skulls,
rose so high their heads exploded.

Mexico remembers the past and present,
embracing both without lament.
They celebrate their heritage like no others,
Mexico is full of sisters and brothers.

Published by Black Cloud

Unique individual with a passion for the strange and unusual aspects of our existence.

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