Fishing is a pastime,
for many folks.
It’s also a business,
that’s no joke.

Some people fish,
just to survive.
Fishing keeps them,
and family alive.

Many bodies of water,
pose a certain risk.
Three times monthly,
you can eat the fish.

If you lack success,
in your fishing,
find a local shaman,
to appease spirits watching.

Hook, line, and sinker,
are used by most.
Nets, explosives, and electricity,
are rather gross.

Bow and arrow,
is very sporting.
Hand thrown spear,
while out boating.

Fish aren’t that bright,
easy to deceive.
But they do have skills,
hard to believe.

They have a nose,
with which to smell.
They have large eyes,
and see quite well.

Their hearing is good,
but you can’t see ears.
Their tiny brain,
generates fears.

Published by Black Cloud

Unique individual with a passion for the strange and unusual aspects of our existence.

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