Aztec Maya Magick

Published by Black Cloud

Unique individual with a passion for the strange and unusual aspects of our existence.

One thought on “Aztec Maya Magick

  1. Wonderful! Some months ago I’ve been on a lecture related to Aztec culture, their habits, sacrifices and games, their glyph language etc. I was searching for related preserved codices, and I found an online copy of Codex Borgia, you may be interested,
    Somehow I find affinit with the Maya Sun-Gods, and the person of Shield Jaguar II, when his aunt Xoc convinced him to blood-rites the Mayan civilization started to fall. It’s eerie that the Temple that was built in his times is called “Temple 23” in modern days. Well 23 Skidoo – and into the stars. Honors to the spirits of your ancestors!

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